Plastic polymer Division

Plastic Polymer Division
Polymer Items
Polyester and PVC

Polyester and PVC are being used for the wide collection of industrial, consumer, and commercial products on which people from all around the world rely on every day. The basic use of polymers is to make products which are impossible to make from materials like aluminum, wood, glass, or steel.

  • Polyester: PET
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC):
    • SPVC (Suspension PVC)
    • EPVC (Emulsion PVC)
  • Polystyrene:
    • EPS - Standard Grades
    • PS - High Impact Resin
    • PS - General Purpose Resin
    • EPS - Flame Resistant Grades
Polymer Items

Polyolefin's are comes under the category of polymers. It is derived from ethylene and propylene. It includes the highest range of thermoplastic products in the world. With the help of this polymer it is easy to make flexible, tough plastics which are being used for several purposes.

There are several developments and researches which are enhancing the collection of polyolefin's and this is the main reason why they are substituting traditional materials in several applications. The best thing with polyolefin's is that it is very simple to recycle it.

Manufacture is an essential producer of the key polyolefin's Polypropylene and Polyethylene. There are several uses which range from rigid materials for refrigerators, car, and computers parts to waterproof films and industrial food packaging. There are several polyolefin products which are having the properties of heat-resistant which make them ideal to use for several purposes like packaging of microwaveable food, where in most of the cases others melt simply for use in heat-sealable wrapping. The best thing with us is that we make different kinds of each polyolefin.

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Plastic Services

Here at Vinayak Impex we are offering best in class services related with Polyester and PVC. The best thing with us is that we offers reliable and genuine product so that you may not face any issues in future. We are a very renowned name in this field who are serving the clients from a very long time. We believe in customer satisfaction and this is the main reason behind our success.

There are many service providers in the market who are offering these types of services, but it is very important to go with the reliable one. And when there is the subject of reliability then we are considered as among one of the reliable service provider.

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  • Quality-rich Product
  • Timely delivery of products
  • Professional Assistance


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